Drupal Commerce MailChimp Module Features

By Sil, 01/30/2013 - 15:00
MailChimp and Drupal Commerce

This article describes the main features of the Commerce MailChimp module. The module integrates Drupal Commerce, MailChimp module and MailChimp’s eCommerce360 feature.

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Here’s an overview of what Commerce MailChimp module can do for your Drupal Commerce site:

Subscribe during Checkout

Example Drupal Commerce list Subscription pane

Subscription based subscription pane

Presents the Subscription Pane only to customers who did not yet subscribe to your list

Default subscription value

Show the Subscription box as checked or unchecked by default

Optional forced list subscription

Option to only allow customer to continue to checkout if the list subscription box is checked

Subscribe to list value on Review pane

Option to include or not to include the Subscription Options pane on the Review pane.

Checkbox Label and Description customization

Alter the subscription checkbox label and description from the UI

You can read more about these options in the article about email list subscription during checkout.

Use Billing and Shipping information for list Subscription

MailChimp module has the ability to use Tokens as MailChimp Merge Fields. Commerce MailChimp module adds Billing and Shipping information Tokens to that list. That way you can use the name a customer provides during checkout to full a MailChimp list field.

Billing and shipping information as MailChimp merge tags

You can find these settings at the bottom of the page when editing a List from within Drupal. Your lists are located at example.com/admin/config/services/mailchimp/lists

Connect Drupal Commerce shopping data to your Email list Subscribers

MailChimp ecommerce360 example

Commerce MailChimp module allows you to connect eCommerce data from your Drupal Commerce store to the email list subscriber in MailChimp. It stores order data from that user in the customers MailChimp profile. This allows you to measure how much a list subscriber spends in your eCommerce store, and it allows you to measure the sales a certain email campaign generates. It also allows you to segment your email campaign based on product purchase data (a.k.a. order information).
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